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Magnewin has two plants the first one spread over 7000 sqft shop floor where exclusively Low Voltage capacitors are manufactured
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Harmonics Measurement, Analysis and mitigation in accordance to IEEE 519 and in compliance to G5/4-1 standards.
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Research & Development is a continuous on going activity being carried out to enhance the reliability
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Capacitor manufacturing starts with clean rooms.The complete manufacturing and operations starting from winding till insertion of dry packs into the container and top lid welding are carried out in a class 10000 and element winding is carried in class 100zone on four semi-automatic precision winding machines.
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Research & Development :

Research & Development is a continuous on going activity being carried out to enhance the reliability & life of capacitors and adopting cost reduction techniques by improving and adopting new manufacturing techniques, automation, installing precision on line instruments to monitor the behavior of capacitors during process etc. Formulating new rigorous in-house test standards to asses' life expectancy and behavior of capacitors under extreme operating & environmental conditions. Developing capacitors with new dielectrics is also one of key area of R & D.

Our engineers have also been working on developing dielectric materials and impregnants for use in special application capacitors for making high energy density capacitors in compact Size. Today Magnewin is proud to be the only company in India to manufacture such a wide range of capacitors, which has been possible on account of its innovative strong technical base, R & D and the passion of the management to keep research and development as an ongoing process.

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