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Magnewin has two plants the first one spread over 7000 sqft shop floor where exclusively Low Voltage capacitors are manufactured
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Harmonics Measurement, Analysis and mitigation in accordance to IEEE 519 and in compliance to G5/4-1 standards.
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Research & Development is a continuous on going activity being carried out to enhance the reliability
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Capacitor manufacturing starts with clean rooms.The complete manufacturing and operations starting from winding till insertion of dry packs into the container and top lid welding are carried out in a class 10000 and element winding is carried in class 100zone on four semi-automatic precision winding machines.
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Product Range :
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Low Voltage Shunt capacitors
(All Film Foil, NPCB impregnated ) up to 50 Kvar in units and Banks in higher ratings including APFCR(Thyristor & Contactor switching type) for voltages up to 1000 volts in accordance to IEC 60931.
(For Power factor improvement and Harmonic filters.)

Medium Voltage Shunt capacitors
in Internal/External fuse. Single unit up to 800 Kvar, 20 KV Single phase and Banks up to 145 Kv System voltage in accordance to IEC 60871.(For Power factor improvement and Harmonic filters.)

Medium & High Voltage Surge
Capacitors up to 50 KV in accordance to BIS 11548. These are also called as C-R Suppressors when used along with resistors.(Used in Vacuum Circuit breakers for switching of M V & H V Motors, in sub stations for protection of electrical equipment against lightning and switching surges).

Medium Frequency Water Cooled
Capacitors for Induction heating and melting applications in accordance to IEC 60110. Max rating up to 7000 Kvar, voltage up to 5000 volts. (For Induction heating & Steel melting Industry).

Energy Storage & Pulse Discharge
Capacitors. Max Voltage 150 Kv & Energy up to 20 K joules. (For Defense and Atomic research depts.)

Low Inductance Capacitors
Inductance as low as 40 nH.
(For defense and Atomic research depts.)

The voltage of the divider must be 1200 KV.

Any Special capacitor in accordance to client specs.

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